Serbian for foreigners

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MSCUELA language school invites You to enroll in the "Serbian for Foreigners" study programme.

Learn Serbian easily with our team of trained professionals! By applying our methods we will help you learn communication basics, and you will get acquainted with Serbian culture and customs

Enter an individual course or join our study groups and have fun!

  • Our school is specialized in teaching Serbian as a foreign language. Throghout the years of experience in teaching Serbian language we have developed our programs to the finest details. Our students are immediately introduced to topics and constructs which they are ready to put in use after the very first lesson. 
  • The teaching materials used at MScuela incorporate a great number of everyday sources such as newspapers, magazines, restaurant menus, street signs, manuals, informational brochures etc. in order to help our students to immerse themselves into the Serbian culture with ease.
  • Classes can be organized into private groups, individual lessons or small groups (3-6 students), also called conversational groups. Serbian classes for foreigners include 6 levels; 4 basic levels and 2 conversational levels (beginners and advanced). Each level includes 60 hours in group lessons or 40 individual lessons. After completion of each level, the students are tested to determine their knowledge and to be able to take a higher level.

On this level students are taught how to introduce and talk about themselves, their work, family and friends. They will manage simple life situations, answer questions about the weather and dates, manage a visit to the store and a restaurant, talk about food, buy a tram, bus or train ticket, order a taxi, send a postcard, etc.

Grammar: Through intensive conversation, reading and writing, students are familiarized with grammar basics: personal and possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives, past, present and future tense of the verb "to be"; present of main verbs, verbs that express possibility and command, noun gender, noun inflection, numbers, reflexive pronoun "sebe, se".


Students learn how to talk about themselves, their work, way of life and hobbies in more details. They will be able to talk about fashion, talk on the phone, describe cities and countries, write a letter, and talk about holidays and travels, and what to say in the post office or travel agency.

Grammar: Through conversation, listening, reading and writing, students acquire past and future tenses, plural of nouns, practice noun inflections and learn inflection of personal pronouns.


Students learn what to say in a bank, use ATM machine, talk about holidays, describe excursions in more detail, talk more extensively about themselves and their friends and talk about sights in Serbia.

Grammar: Students revise and expand their knowledge from previous levels, expand their vocabulary, start with the functional analysis of the language and meet with wore complex grammatical structures and also word stress.


Students talk about themselves, their plans, interests, talk about their past and their future plans, documents, text from the newspapers and news.

Grammar: Students learn compound tenses, aorist and imperfect tense. They also learn compound nouns, diminutives, augmentatives and practice their spelling.


Students practice their conversation skills in business and other specific situations, read the daily news and literary works (prose and poetry). They practice presentations and writing business letters. Classes are organized to suit student's needs and are oriented towards vocabulary expansion and speech.

Individual courses are especially tailored to the needs of the student. For each student an individual course program is created based on the results of the ‘interests and needs survey' and ‘personal learning style analysis'. We find it very important that from the very start the course goals are determined in order for the lessons to be as much focused as possible. Because it is focused, in an individual course the students can learn the language and reach their desired level of competency at a fastest possible pace. 
Besides the ordinary teaching methods, your teacher uses various additional materials and techniques, such as audio and video materials, guest teachers that specialized in specific fields, conversation guests in order for the student to have a chance to practice and master their Serbian.

Group courses for Serbian language follow the Mscuela programs, but we are also willing to be flexible in order to accommodate the special interests of the group. We are aware of the often-busy schedule of our Serbian language students, which is why all our professors regularly send lesson summaries to all students that were absent from class. 
Group courses are dynamic in their nature, and students have a chance to meet new friends with whom they share the great experience of learning Serbian at Mscuela Language School.
Discover Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a city rich with history. Meet Serbian people and get to know Serbian culture.
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